Ever wondered how to get your crowdfunded magazine, journal, graphic novel or book printed in the UK? Crowdfunding websites like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, GoFundMe and CrowdCube provide an invaluable access to those all-important funds to set up new projects. But knowing where to go to get your idea produced can be overwhelming. Here is why we are the ideal choice for your crowdfunded project…


We can help with planning
We can give you a price before you even get your project running to help you budget and plan. You can look at our standard price lists for a general idea, but if you’re looking for something more specific or bespoke, please contact us.


Short run printing is low risk
Unlike traditional lithographic printing, modern digital printing doesn’t demand huge orders. That means that with relatively little capital, you can get your project into production. It also means that we can be responsive and flexible when it comes to re-prints, producing small batches or larger orders depending on your needs.


It’s also fast
We can meet a quick turnaround for tight deadlines, and offer flexibility- this can be especially helpful for creatives with first time projects. See our case studies for an example, but with all of our facilities on-site, we can produce everything ourselves without outsourcing. We are compact, but effective. We have our own in-house designers, reprographics department, production managers, printers, binders and distribution hub.


The quality is high
With our focus on state of the art digital printing technology, the result is suberb quality close to lithographic without the cost, delay, or need to order huge volumes. We’re constantly investing in new technology, skills and techniques.


We can help you put things together
Sometimes projects are big on ideas but need a little bit of finesse. We’ve got in-house designers who can help you put your magazine, journal, graphic novel or book together so it looks professional. We can also author, design and supply marketing materials like press releases or pre-order forms.


We can support you with distribution
We can help support you beyond the initial production of your project. Because we’ve got our own publishing arm, we’re fully set up for distribution. We’ve got the space and the infrastructure in place for trade orders, individual sales or large scale national and international mail outs. We can give you space for this on our own website, or simply distribute on your behalf.


We want your project to be a success
We want to support British talent and developing entrepreneurs. We will always be on hand with advice and support from our knowledgeable and skilled staff with years of experience in magazines, journals, graphic novels and books.