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There is considerable demand amongst researchers for institutions to provide copies of popular and in-demand books for research and reference use. D&M Heritage is very well-placed to meet this demand, and helps libraries, museums, archives and other organisations to publish facsimile and revised editions of books. Facsimile reproductions can be created to provide working copies of titles, enabling the originals to be more securely preserved, and is the ideal solution for publications that are out of copyright or have been cleared of copyright restrictions.


We are able to disbind reference books, scan the original pages and create a file which can be printed to produce a facsimile edition which can be bound in a sympathetic style to the original. We are also able to scan the original pages and combine them with newly typeset pages, created by our in-house design team, to produce a revised or updated edition of a title. Indeed, we can design and print new book covers or create new bindings for revised editions.

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